Budget-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in Your Apartment

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Not all apartments are equipped with central air. And even if you have been blessed with the feature of air conditioning, you may not always want to rely on it. So, how else can you possibly keep your apartment cool and comfortable as summertime temperatures creep in?

Turn off the lights
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, incandescent lights (traditional light bulbs) are a very common source of heat in the home. These light bulbs should be turned off when they are not in use because they are the least efficient type of lighting. Approximately 90 percent of the energy they use is given off as heat and only about 10% of that energy results in actual light. Therefore, turning off those lights will keep a room cooler in the summertime.

Cut back on oven use
If you're a fan of preparing hearty meals to eat, you may have to make a sacrifice to keep cool over summer months. Those baked casseroles and pies can wait until the fall, can’t they? There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your kitchen feel like a sweltering sauna in the middle of summer. Instead, make use of other kitchen appliances if you have them–a toaster oven, skillet, pressure cooker, or crock pot can all make deliciously filling meals without the extended, uncomfortable use of a hot oven. If you do decide to use your oven in the summer, try to cook in batches. Make large meals and then freeze leftovers that can be quickly reheated later on in the summer without having to turn your oven on again. Bonus points if you can make multiple dishes in one day and then freeze them that way you can get all of that hot uncomfortable cooking out of the way at one time.

Rethink your summertime bedding
It's pretty much impossible to get a good night of sleep when you're burning up in bed. If you haven't packed away your flannel sheets for the season, it's about that time. Your best bet at this time of year is to go with 100% cotton sheets–they are the best for absorbing sweat. Although your bed looks beautiful draped in decadent blankets, quilts, and duvets, these just are not the right bedding options for summertime. All you really need is a fitted sheet to lie on top of and a top sheet to snuggle up under. That's it.

Dress sparingly
Cranking up the air conditioning might be your first instinct when temperatures get a bit too high, but you might be able to avoid that with one super simple trick. What are you wearing when you're hanging out at home? Are you still wearing long sleeves? Sweatpants? Socks? Although these clothing items are oh so comfortable, they are not doing anything but making you feel hotter than you need to be. Shed some of that clothing and you just might find that you don't need the air conditioning as much as you thought you did.

How do you keep cool in your apartment?

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