What’s In and What’s Out: Upcoming Home Trends, Fall Edition 2019

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With every passing season comes new trends. With home decoration, it’s about what’s new and what no longer works, what’s exciting, and what lost its luster. Father time is ushering in the autumn and with it, all the trendy new ways to decorate your home! So what are you waiting for? Read on to find 5 upcoming home dos and don’ts.


What’s In?

Less is more; one of the biggest trends gaining steam this fall. It’s nice not having to keep up with the Joneses. Sustainability is easier on the bank account, and it challenges you to focus on your living space’s continuity and flow. You accomplish more when you force yourself to narrow down what you really want out of your space. Fall is a season of change. The leaves change color and shed. This fall, shed some of your more unnecessary decor. You’ll thank yourself for committing to change. When you look at your spot and see a complete idea, it’ll bring the fall fresh air to life.

What’s Out?

Clutter, mismatching, and colors that don’t mix all throw Fengshui off, especially in the fall. Autumn has a coziness in its chilliness, and it’s important to bring that coziness to your home. If your home seems disjointed, and there’s conflicting colors all over the place, you’re really going to feel the chilliness outside. Match all of your colors and make sure that everything fits in all of your rooms. Clutter makes you claustrophobic. A little differentiation is fine, but when it gets out of hand, it’s just ugly. Don’t fall prey to overdoing it with variety.


What’s In?

Don’t worry, it’s not a fungus. Biophilia is the decoration technique of filling your home with things that make you feel closer to nature. It can easily get crowded in the city. Decorating with things such as hardwood floors, the use of stone, and playing with different forms of lighting brings a sense of peace to your home. This also works on a season by season, rotating basis. Decorating your home with fall colors, and using artworks that bring a sense of autumn to your home will make you feel the nostalgic warmth that the changing leaves outside symbolize.

What’s Out?

Stop paying attention to societal norms about gender-specific decor. Biophilia brings your home a sense of androgynous comfort. Your home doesn’t need to be masculine to be cozy. It doesn’t need to be feminine to be attractive. Pick color palettes that bring out the beauty of your home, and don’t be concerned about engendering specific rooms in your living space. A commitment to macho or girly decor stifles the creative process, and can turn your living space into a gaudy circus, or a colorless pit.

Warm Tones

What’s In?

Autumn is reminiscent ​of warm hues​ such as burgundy, blush, and vermillion. Your home should align with one of the year’s last vibrant shouts of life. Bring those fall colors to life in your home by implementing them into every room of your living space. You want your home to blend in with the beauty that’s happening outside. You want to walk in, and immediately feel the security and beauty of your home. Warm colors bring that beauty and security to life.

What’s Out?

Statement upholstery such as plush materials with jewel colors will give a coldness to your home this fall that you don’t want to feel. Colors such as violet, turquoise, and citrine yellow will conflict unless they are adequately paired with furniture and color schemes. You don’t want these colors to stick out on their own. These types of colors in stand-alone upholsteries will have you scratching your head. You’ll be wondering, “where did the summer go, and when will it come back?”

Big Art

What’s In?

Making statements with large pieces of ornate art couples well with warm, cozy colors. Fight off the winter wind by being bold and unique. Find big pieces of art that you can get behind and display them prominently. Try to match them up with your colors so they don’t look out of place. It’s autumn, and you should be proud of snuggling in your home. Show that pride by displaying a beautiful testament to human creativity. Remember, fortune favors the bold.

What’s Out?

Minimalist decor is not looking as attractive as it used to. Similar to neutral colors, art pieces that don’t say anything are finding their way to the garbage bin more and more this fall. People want to feel like their home is speaking their own language. They want to be expressive. Maybe it’s a way to fight the upcoming biting cold of winter. Maybe people want one last outburst before they bundle up and start hibernating, who knows? What is certain is that people want their art to speak directly to their guests. The sterility of minimalist art simply doesn’t accomplish that.

Floral Patterns

What’s In?

It may seem counterintuitive, but there’s nothing wrong with a little remembering of the past. It’s nice retaining some of the bloom from the summer. Combining floral patterns with warm autumn colors creates a nice juxtaposition that both remembers the past while ushering in the new. If you need a new bedspread, throw pillowcases, or you’re looking to get a new piece of decor, you should seriously consider adding a little flower to your fall. It may just keep you going through the chillier days.

What’s Out?

Once again, grays simply just don’t cut it, especially cool grays. The chillier tones make your place feel empty, and remind you that winter’s cold breath is knocking on your door. This is especially true for wallpapering, bedspreads, and pillowcases. Don’t add to the bitterness, keep the autumn warm.

Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

Fall is a contemplative season. It’s a time to reflect upon the first half of your year and prepare for the latter half. It’s hard to feel excited about what you’ve accomplished, and where you’re headed if you come home and feel empty inside.
This fall,​ greet your home​ with an open heart and brace yourself for all of the wonderful change that autumn brings with it. It’s not a time to despair, it’s a time to refocus and enjoy the rest of the year. Having a warm, welcoming home will help you along the way to your desired 2019 results.

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