Common (and Avoidable) Moving Day Disasters

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Naturally, due to all the responsibilities that need to be taken care of on moving day, there will undoubtedly be room for error. Unfortunately, this can be true even if you have planned your move weeks or even months in advance. What types of mistakes and mishaps should you be on the lookout for?

Packing can be a lot more complicated than just throwing items into a brown box. Do you have enough tape — good, sturdy tape! ⁠— permanent markers, bubble wrap, and labels? Even if you have all of this and you take the extra steps to label boxes by contents or by room, there is still room for error. Did you pack improperly? Did you tape up boxes that you forgot to label? Fixing these errors will not only cost you time, but it’ll cost you additional money if you have professional movers involved. That’s because the team you’ve hired will have to go through the process of unpacking, repacking, and labeling. Those are certainly not complimentary services. Another thing you’ll need to consider with packing is your furniture. That oversized leather sectional isn’t going to disassemble itself. And that giant painting over your fireplace isn’t going to magically come down off the wall and carefully wrap itself. The point is, make sure you have accounted for ALL of your packing needs — even those beyond the brown boxes.

Missing Keys
The keys were placed in your hand just seconds after signing your new lease. But where are they now? In the hustle and bustle of moving, losing keys is a common occurrence. Like everything else on this list, it can be avoided! When it comes to keeping up with your keys, technology can be your best friend by reminding you of where your items are. Are your purse and keys hidden away on moving day? Snap a picture on your phone so that you can easily recall where you placed your things. You can also use your phone’s native recording app to leave yourself a voice memo about where you’ve left your keys and other important items that shouldn’t be out in the open on moving day. Do whatever it takes to keep up with those keys — you don’t even want to think about what’ll happen if you show up to your new place on moving day and you and your impatient, tired movers cannot get in!

If you plan on having your furry friend stick around for all the chaos on moving day, you may want to rethink that plan. That’s because moving is not only stressful for you, it will also be a huge, unfamiliar change for your pet. Think about it — their favorite toys and snacks are all boxed up and their cozy corner no longer exists. Of course, your four-legged friend is stressed out — this is a huge transition! These changes can cause your anxious pet to act out by running away or getting in the way so much that he or she is injured. Nobody wants that. Set your mind at ease by opting for a friend, family member, or pet sitter to look after your pet ⁠— in their home, not yours — on moving day.

Difficulty Moving Furniture
Did you measure all of your large furniture and the width/height of your doorway to ensure that your stuff will easily move in or out? This is a step often missed during the moving process. When acquiring a large piece of furniture, it typically arrives in pieces that must be assembled, so it’s hard to know if that unit is too large to fit through your apartment doors. This is a nightmare to deal with on moving day, so don’t let this be you! Measure everything — furniture, all doorways, stairwells, elevator door openings, and anything else you can think of. This should be done at both your soon-to-be old apartment as well as your new one. Failing to do this may leave you with some heartbreaking choices to make — leave your beloved furniture behind, or even trashing pieces that become damaged due to forcing them through the doorway.

What moving day mishaps have you experienced?

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