Streaming Options When You’re Stuck at Home

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Streaming Options When You’re Stuck at Home

What are we going to do with all this time on our hands at home? How can we possibly cope without all of the restaurants, movie theatres, and fitness centers? Well, there will be plenty of time to get creative, but we can only read, meditate, and do yoga for so long.

The boredom will undoubtedly set in, and we’ll want something to mindlessly eat our attention. Don’t fret, Netflix has you covered with a feel-good comedy to lighten the mood. Craving a doomsday thriller? (We know deep down, part of you is.) Check out Prime Video. Want a supernatural sci-fi? HBO GO has good stuff.

In the coming days, most of us will succumb to stir craziness. Streaming is there for the mind-numbing sedation we all need to pass some time. Excellent pulp, reality TV, and bad action films? Bring ‘em on! Get cozy at home. Here are some streaming options for the quarantine. 


Interesting Pseudoscience- 100 Humans 
Living among hoarding toilet paper mobs and angry Facebookers, it’s understandable why we would be interested in the complexities of human nature. 100 Humans has a goofy tone and studies juicy aspects of human interaction such as sexuality, age, and what motivates people. 

100 Humans is no Bill Nye the Science Guy — some of the experiments aren’t exactly groundbreaking and I would bet nearly all of them would fail a scientific panel of judges. But when we’re looking for amusement, it’s nice to have some background noise and a few interesting anecdotes. 

Binge Rewatch- Breaking Bad 
Who doesn’t enjoy watching Bryan Cranston portray an insane chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin? If you find yourself in need of committing six hours of your time to the television, tune in, Heisenburg awaits. 

For those who are reluctant to watch Breaking Bad because of its subject matter, the plot is thick, and riddled with all sorts of comedic relief, albeit dark comedic relief. Jesse and Mr. White’s banter is hard not to laugh at, even in the midst of their harrowing, drug-addled escapades. 

Fun and Thrilling Action- Spenser Confidential 
Spenser Confidential has everything you want in a guilty-pleasure action film: corrupt politicians, a conspiracy theory, M’baku from Black Panther, Mark Walhberg as an ex-convict, and Post Malone inciting riots. This is a perfect pick for a date night. Who doesn’t want to watch Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch take down a Boston conspiracy, and campy, slow-motion takes of him diving over muscle cars? 


Larry David Dosage- Curb Your Enthusiasm 
We all wish we could get away with what Larry gets away with: snapping selfie sticks and exposing people’s hypocrisies in broad daylight. With the quarantine, we won’t have our normal gossip columns with friends and co-workers. It’s nice to know that Larry’s cynicism is there to comfort us when we can’t launch our own witty jabs at the public. 

Supernatural Sci-Fi- The Outsider 
Based on Stephen King’s novel, The Outsider tackles the question of whether true evil exists in our world. After Terry Maitland’s DNA is found at a horrific crime scene in a small town, the public is convinced he is guilty. But when they find verifiable proof that he was in fact, three states away when the murder occurred, town authorities are forced to put their own sense of what’s real and possible on trial. 

The Outsider is a thought-provoking thriller perfect for the quarantined viewer who wants to invest themselves in a mystery that blends the genres of sci-fi and psychological thrillers. 


Stir Crazy Craziness- The Eric Andre Show 
When you’re feeling a little loopy and looking for a laugh that is slapstick silly, tune in to the Eric Andre Show. It’s not for everyone, and it takes the right type of mood to enjoy, but if you happen to be in that mood, it’s hysterical. It’s quirky, whacky, and at times, downright insane, but you’ll happily lose yourself in the insanity if you let yourself. Hannibal Burress is a perfect sidekick who offers deadpan, off-kilter humor throughout the show. 

Romantic Fun- HItch 
This Rom-Com is perfect for a date night and a social distance cuddle. Will Smith plays the role of an affable playboy who has a soft spot deep down. Eva Mendes plays the career-driven, hard-to-get catch. Will Smith’s character tries his best to come off as a Casanova but Eva Mendes sees right through it. Kevin James adds to the fun romance as a lovable nerd who can’t catch a break with a woman, but who finds true love in a stunning celebrity. 

It’s corny, of course, but corny can be enjoyable. And Hitch has the right combination of cheesiness and values to make even the toughest guy feel a little emotional. 

Prime Video 

Disaster Movie- The Wave  
Normally I would refer to any disaster movie as a guilty pleasure, but The Wave is actually good. Sure, it’s hokey and a lot of things that would never realistically occur on any given day, do. But it’s believable enough to become interested, and the characters have enough depth to care about them. 

The Wave is a Norwegian film that follows a scientist who is convinced of a massive landslide crashing into a fjord and wiping out an entire town with a tsunami. Of course, no one believes him (I don’t know why- he has compelling evidence). And of course, the town doesn’t take the correct precautions to deal with the potential threat of the wave.  If you’re into disaster movies, be sure to check out the sequel, The Quake

Scary and Relatable- Contagion 
Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 film is one of the highest streamed movies of the past few weeks, mostly because of its plot. A lethal microbe spreading across the globe, Jude Law spreading disinformation, and society coming apart at the seams? That sounds like a dramatized version of reality. Start it up! 

I don’t know why I want to rewatch movies and shows such as The Walking Dead, Contagion, and Outbreak, but there’s no denying I do. I think it has something to do with me being able to say, “at least it’s not that bad.” Plus, they’re thoroughly entertaining. 

Stay in and Stay Safe, Friends 

Quarantine won’t always be fun, but we can always find the silver lining like we humans always do. Plus, we can take comfort knowing once we make it through, we’ll have plenty of entertainment to discuss with our friends and family. Stay in, stay safe, and thank God we don’t live in a time without streaming services!

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