6 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Apartment

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Cleaning your apartment should be a reoccurring task of course but often there are spaces in your place that you may miss. During a deep cleansing of your apartment, remember to keep these spots spic and span.

Back of the Toilet

No one likes to clean the toilet – I get it, but it is necessary to hit every inch. Most people will clean the inside but often forgotten is the back. With all the dust that collects overtime, try making it a habit to hit every crevice. 


Before you light your candle and relax after a day of cleaning, don’t forget to dust and clean all of the baseboards in your apartment.


Did you know that by not cleaning your refrigerator regularly that you could get sick? Be sure to remove expired food, and other items that could lead to harmful bacteria growth. You’ll need to remove all food and thoroughly clean the refrigerator. While you’re at it, don’t forget the top! It’s often neglected because it is not easily seen but it is still important to keep the area clean.

TV Screens

Television screens accumulate dust overtime and may affect the quality of what you’re watching. The static from the tv attracts dust, so try using dryer sheets to reduce the static or a microfiber cloth to remove the dust.


The most touched items in your apartment may just be the doorknobs but surprisingly they are often overlooked. Give your doorknobs a nice sanitization to rid of unwanted germs.

Shower Curtain

Have you ever looked at your shower curtain? You may or may not be surprised to see all the soap scum and mildew stains that have built up overtime. You can put them in a washing machine with a little bit of vinegar or bleach, or scrub with cleanser.

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