A Day in the Life: Leasing Agent

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Learn what it's like to be a Leasing Agent at Pangea! Video transcript below:

"As a senior leasing advisor, I set appointments for potential residents, I manage the calendars for the leasing agents, I help the representatives on the floor, and I take escalation calls as well. I assist them with finding the apartment that’s correct for them. I assist them with any special requests that they may have; if they need a first-floor unit, if they have allergies and can’t have an apartment that has carpet, just making sure we get them into the right unit for them.

The best part of my job is when we actually get someone into the apartment that they have been looking for for so long. Finding an apartment can be stressful for everyone and when we finally get someone who’s been looking months and months for the right location it really is great.

I think that Pangea definitely gives back a lot to the communities. I’ve only been here for two years and have been a part of several Pangea Cares events. I’ve seen irrigation systems be built for local gardens, we’ve built stages, we do food drives and Thanksgiving giveaways for families in need, coat drives, we give backpacks to kids, we do parades through the communities, we really do a lot for everyone.

It’s a great job. It’s a very comfortable environment, super relaxed. No one wants to go somewhere where they feel like they can’t be themselves on a daily basis. You want to be comfortable where you spend more time than anywhere else. You spend more time at work than you do with your friends and family. You should always be comfortable here and we are. We get along well. It really is a family."

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