A Day in the Life: Quality Control

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Learn about Pangea's Quality Control team from Andrea! Video transcript below:

"I’m a Quality Control Analyst here at Pangea. I audit the applications for Chicago, Baltimore, and Indiana and I also audit the postings from Marketing Support.

Marketing support makes the posts you see on craigslist, apartment guide, and sites like that. I audit to make sure any disclosures are there and any details of the unit we’re trying to get leased. I started as a leasing advisor, then I was a part of the underwriting team, became a senior rep, and now I’m in quality control.

What I feel like is special about Pangea is the engagement with my coworkers because we get a chance to have different events that bridge the gap between the field, the leasing agents and property managers, and us in the office. We get to interact with them at our post-holiday party and the picnic in the summertime.

We also have community engagement as well. I was able to participate in a few Pangea Cares events. We went to a community center in the South Shore neighborhood that we have a lot of units in. We were able sit with the kids, we painted part of the building, did different STEM projects with the children, read to them, ate lunch with them, and things like that.

I feel like my role helps with the checks and balances. There are policies and procedures the entire company has to abide by. So being in Quality allows me to enforce that, make sure our prospects and residents are getting the best information, the most accurate information, and that we’re staying on top of things in terms of the company as well.

The best part of my job is actually being able to come here with my coworkers. It’s a family type of environment, I feel like. Everybody’s really friendly and everyone gets along. We’re always doing things in the Call Center to do things to promote that family type of feeling and orientation."

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