Pangea Cares Partners with Little Free Library

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A collage of pictures of Pangea employees building and decorating little free libraries for a Pangea Cares initiative.

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One of the goals of Pangea from the start is to be more than just a real estate company. We know we have a unique opportunity to help the communities we serve from the inside out, by partnering with local and national organizations like Little Free Library.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit that expands book access through the work of volunteers, building and curating “little libraries”, boxes built to withstand the weather and offer a free book for anyone who wants one. Once installed and filled with books for the first time, they work with an honor system of sorts, allowing anyone to take or replace a book at their convenience, 24/7/365. No fees, library cards, or hours of operation needed!

Shortly after founding Pangea Real Estate, we launched Pangea Cares, a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the intent of helping the communities we live in and serve from the inside out. Pangea Cares has three main, core values that we refer to as our three pillars of community service: Food & Nutrition, Education Enrichment, and Community Development.

Little Free Library’s initiative matches perfectly with Pangea Cares’ education pillar, so when someone suggested we build and install little libraries in our neighborhoods we jumped on the opportunity. Pangea employees from all different departments came together to build and decorate a little library for each of our Chicago zone offices as well as every apartment community in Chicago and Indianapolis and another little library in Baltimore. We are currently in the process of installing them and are accepting book donations.

We are so excited to become stewards of these new little libraries and help bring the joy of reading to our residents and neighbors. Once installed, we’ll add our Little Free Libraries to the global map, where over 42 million books are shared annually.

If you’re interested in donating to Pangea’s Little Free Libraries, please email us at [email protected] to coordinate a book pickup/drop off or to find out other ways to get involved. Alternatively, you can order directly from our Amazon wishlist to donate. We want to make sure to keep the little libraries full of fun and educational material for the long run.

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