5 Reasons to Rent a Top-Floor Apartment

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5 Reasons to Rent a Top-Floor Apartment

By Aaron Colerick

When searching for the perfect apartment, it is likely that you have a lot of things on your wish list that the ideal unit will have. Yet, have you given much thought to what floor you would prefer to live on? While this is often not the first thing people consider when they are apartment hunting, it is something that you will want to decide before you start looking at apartment buildings as it could help you narrow down your options. While each section of an apartment building provides residents with its own unique benefits, the most popular units are arguably those on the top floor. For many people, it is easy to see why top-floor apartments are in such high demand, as they provide benefits that units on other floors simply can't compete with. If you are starting the apartment search, here is a look at 5 reasons why you should consider choosing a top-floor apartment.

Reduced Heating Costs

For residents of cities that experience bitterly cold winters like Indianapolis and Chicago, one of the biggest benefits of choosing a top-floor apartment is that doing so can help to reduce heating costs. Since heat rises, this means that floors higher up tend to be warmer than those closer to the ground. In fact, living on the top floor, your unit will be warmed by heat coming from the furnaces of units below yours, and you likely won't have to run your heater as much to stay warm during the winter. However, this also means that your unit will be warmer during the summer, which is something to keep in mind if you live in a region where summers are particularly brutal.  

More Natural Light 

Living on the top floor of an apartment building gives you enough height that you will likely have more exposure to natural light. Being on the top floor, you are less likely to have trees or other buildings blocking light from entering your unit. You also won't have any balconies above you creating shade. You should then have plenty of natural light streaming through your windows first thing in the morning, which can be good for your overall well-being as well as your electric bill. 

Living on the top floor, you will likely find that your apartment is plenty bright from natural light without the need to turn on lamps, which can save money. This natural light can also provide heat, further reducing your heating costs in the winter. However, if you decide to choose a top-floor apartment, you will want to make sure that you invest in good drapes to help keep out early morning light (if you are a late sleeper) as well as to help block out the summer heat.  

Less Noise 

Another common reason people choose top-floor apartments is that these units tend to be much quieter than the ones below. If you live in an apartment unit on a lower floor, you are likely to hear noise coming from the unit above you. If someone drops a dish, plays loud music, or stomps around in heavy shoes at 2 am, you are likely to know about it. Alternatively, by choosing a top-floor unit, you will have no one above you, which can make things easier if you are a light sleeper or have young children who go to bed early. Being higher up, you are also less likely to hear noise from cars and pedestrians on the street below. For this reason, many people find living in a top-floor unit to be a quieter, more pleasant experience.

Fewer Pests

Let's face it, no one wants to deal with bugs, rodents, and other pests in their apartment, which is why so many renters find top-floor living to be an attractive option. The fact is that bugs and other pests tend to live in or on the ground, which is why they are most likely to infest ground-floor and second-floor apartments. By choosing a top-floor apartment, you are greatly reducing the likelihood that you will ever discover pests in your home. Odds are a rodent isn't going to climb to the top of a building, and most bugs won't be flying that high either. By choosing a higher unit, you can help ensure that your life is as pest-free as possible without having to use any chemicals to keep them away.

Increased Security

Another reason top-floor apartments are so popular is that they provide residents with an increased sense of security. While apartment buildings often have security and theft deterrent measures in place such as 24/7 onsite security, a gated entrance to the community, or FOB entrance to the building, there is always a risk that a break-in could occur. Ground and basement-level apartments in particular are at risk, as windows that do not have an alarm or bars could provide easy access to burglars. The fact is that criminals are going to go with the easiest option with a simple escape route, meaning they are unlikely to break into a unit on a high floor. Choosing a top-floor apartment then often provides renters with a sense of security, as burglars would have a harder time getting in and out of their unit. 

As you begin your apartment search, it is important that you take some time to consider which floor you want to live on. Each floor of an apartment building provides unique benefits and challenges, so you will need to figure out which option will work best based on your family's needs. 

Feel free to contact us for additional advice on how you can ensure you are choosing the right apartment for you and your family.  

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