Epic Adventures Await: Your Guide to Unforgettable Summer Activities and Events to Try in Chicago

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Epic Adventures Await: Your Guide to Unforgettable Summer Activities and Events to Try in Chicago

By Morgan Prutsman

Chicago, a city famously known for its vibrant music scenes, outstanding architecture, fantastic foods, good neighborhoods, and top-notch art and spirit, among other epic adventures, is a wonderland city to visit.

And summer is the perfect multi-family getaway treat to enjoy the adventures and attractions the windy city offers. 

At Pangea, we understand that whether you're a town resident or a tourist who intends to visit this city, accessing the most memorable and thrilling events and activities is suitable for you. That's why we've created this adventure guide of Chicago to act as your compass for enjoying the best activities and events this summer. 

Read on to get a headstart on where to begin your tour.

Visit the Jackson Park

If you love nature and its beautiful and serene environment, hopping into a cab and visiting Jackson Park is a great idea to connect with nature. The park is located behind the Museum of Science and Industry, and it hosts better social amenities like gyms, golf courses, beaches, lagoons, sports fields, harbors, etc. It's one of the city's greener spaces, so you better check it out.

Sunbathe and Enjoy the Lakefront

Chicago is fortunate to have miles of awesome beaches for sunbathing and relaxation. If you're staying with your kids in an apartment and want to show them some fun, visit Foster Avenue Beach for a remarkable family outing or sunbathe at Rainbow Beach while seeing Chicago's skyline.

This also allows you to enjoy water-borne activities like jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or flyboarding for a memorable and thrilling experience.

Have Fun in the Water 

With major waterfronts like Lake Michigan and the Chicago River at the heart of the city, you can indulge in water sports activities as you tour the city. For instance, the Chicago River offers a skyscraper canyon view of Chicago highrise buildings as you paddle your way through its waters. Plenty of rental companies provide jet skis, paddleboards, small electric vessels, and boats for a fantastic adventure.

Visit Bronzeville

Historically known as the "Black Metropolis," Bronzeville prides itself as the center of African-American life and culture. Here you'll find an art-showcased exhibition of galleries, landmarks, and the famous Bud Billiken Parade event that draws over one million spectators every August. And don't miss the African Festival of the Arts, where you can indulge in African culture's vibrant colors, rhythms, and flavors.

Explore the Navy Pier 

Navy Pier is a popular and must-stop adventure spot in Chicago. During summer, it's always buzzing with activities which you'll surely love it. Here are some epic events you can expect and indulge in when you visit this beautiful lakefront:

  • Lakefront cruise rides
  • Amazing fireworks 
  • Waterfront beer and Garden
  • A 200 feet-high ride on the Centennial Wheel 
  • Music, dance, movies, and drinks on the rooftop bar

Attend the Neighborhood Festival

Chicago is home to different people from distinct races and cultures. And summertime is always the opportune time to experience Chicago's neighborhood spirit through various festivals that take place in town. Below are some of the neighborhood events not to skip for an entertaining and learning experience:

  • Puerto Rican People's Parade: this festival is marked with pomp and color, celebrating Puerto Rican Culture and heritage. The event occurs annually and is hosted at the Paseo Boricua area of Humboldt Park.
  • Chinatown Summer Fair: learn about the Chinese culture with a view of their traditional dances, art, music, etc.
  • Hyde Park Summer Fest: this neighborhood festival lets you enjoy the local foods, drinks, and music. It's a snapshot of the way of life of the local community.

Dine Outside

With summer's warm, sunny weather, dining outside is one experience that residents long for while residing in Chicago. No matter your budget, there are numerous patio dining restaurant areas you can get on and enjoy. Whether you want to sip wine with your hubby or have a tasty, delicious outdoor meal with your family with a lakefront view, you can check the outdoor dining guide for a comprehensive guide.

Visit The 606

Just like the Highline in NYC, the 606 is the Chicago version of the same. The trail is located in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood spanning over 2.7 miles of track. It is a great place to walk, bike and enjoy the calm environment and also explore the various neighborhoods.

Live Movies on Rooftops

With the amazing skyscrapers that engulf Chicago's skyline, you can get to enjoy your favorite movies in outdoor rooftop cinemas. This brings out a fascinating experience with a proper enjoyment layout. Check out the Rooftop Cinema Club for more details on such an experience.

Dine and Drink on the Rooftop

Chicago has various rooftop bars and restaurants for an epic client experience as they eat and enjoy themselves on top of the world. You get to experience the luxury and special view of Chicago town with top-notch customer service as you view to enjoy.

Enjoy the Family-Friendly Fun

If you're residing on the Southwest Side of Chicago, there's an adventure for you. Pay a visit to the Brookfield Zoo, where a menagerie of fascinating animals awaits. Explore interactive exhibits, catch thrilling animal shows, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. And make sure to join the Southwest Side Irish Parade and the Ridge Run and Parade for a dose of community spirit and entertainment.

Final Thought

Chicago is a beautiful city with lots of epic adventures that await your presence. With the above guide to an unforgettable summer experience, you'll enjoy the natural beauty, culture, and way of life that Chicago is brimming with.

If you're considering residing in Chicago and becoming part and parcel of this incredible city, our property management company—Pangea, is here to help you. We can help you find a suitable apartment for you and your kin and provide you with the necessary resources that simplify your stay in Chicago.

Contact us today for more on our services, and we'll settle you as fast as we can.

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