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3 Common Sense Reasons To Befriend Your Neighbors Today

Neighbors can serve a very important purpose in our lives––especially in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. But let’s be real. It’s quite rare for people to forge friendly relationships with their neighbors anymore. Why is that? There’s a myriad of reasons, depending on who you ask. TV, cell phones, and many other technological advances…

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How To Social Distance In Your Apartment Without Going Crazy

More than six months have passed since coronavirus became a seemingly permanent part of our lives. And along with the COVID-19 virus came social distancing––and with good reason, according to science. The World Health Organization says that self-quarantining and self-isolation are “important strategies to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. Although there is a general…

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Small Ways to Prep Your Apartment for the Holidays

Are you already feeling stress and anxiety at the mere thought of hosting the holidays at your place this year? Don’t worry. A little preparation can go a very long way. Before friends and family barge their way in, here are a few things you can do in the coming weeks to make sure everything…

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