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9 Tips for Working From Home as a Renter

by Paul Heiler In today's economy, working from home has become more commonplace, if not preferable, among many American workers. In fact, statistics show that up to five million people are working remotely, an obvious sign that more individuals are gravitating toward this kind of work environment. And while there are numerous benefits to it,…

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In-Home Air Quality During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has caused many of us to rethink the importance of in-home air quality. Before, you might not have thought about how dust might affect your immune system, or how an air purifier can reduce your risk of inhaling harmful pathogens. But now, in-home air quality is more important than ever. Read on…

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3 Common Sense Reasons To Befriend Your Neighbors Today

Neighbors can serve a very important purpose in our lives––especially in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. But let’s be real. It’s quite rare for people to forge friendly relationships with their neighbors anymore. Why is that? There’s a myriad of reasons, depending on who you ask. TV, cell phones, and many other technological advances…

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