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What is a Duplex?

In your pursuit for a new apartment, we understand that your search will likely include many sources besides One important thing to note, though, is that you could be limiting your options by searching strictly for traditional apartments. Have you ever thought about widening your search to a duplex-style unit? What is a duplex?…

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Living Together: Meat Eaters, Vegans, and Vegetarians

The vegetarian and especially vegan lifestyles have become quite popular over the last few years. These diets come with many restrictions, though. So how does a carnivore or omnivore–who isn’t familiar at all with veganism or vegetarianism–live with someone who strictly identifies as an herbivore? Know what it all means If you aren’t sure what…

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Fun Ways to Get to Know Your Roommate

Your relationship with your roommate will have a huge and lasting effect on how you view the apartment rental experience. Although being best friends with that person would be perfect, the real world usually doesn't lend itself to such ideal circumstances. Because you two are sharing personal space and time, it is important to at least…

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