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How to Save Money When Living Alone

So, you’ve finally got your own place! It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? BUT living alone means you are solely responsible for home expenses. Bittersweet. You might’ve heard before that in order to save yourself some Benjamin’s you need to cut back unnecessary spending. Well… yes but for some of us there is a slightly…

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8 Tips to Save on Expensive Groceries

There is no denying that buying groceries takes a sizable chunk out of your paycheck. And if you have special dietary needs like celiac disease that requires the consumption of expensive gluten-free foods, your monthly grocery bill may be higher than average. Still, some of your learned shopping habits could be avoidable. Old habits die…

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Cutting the Cord in 2016: Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Expensive Cable TV

Cable television service is not cheap by any means. In fact, it’s not uncommon for this single luxury to cost more than $100 per month, and that’s not even including Internet service. In these days of binge-watching entire seasons of television shows, having access to more than local network channels is important to many apartment…

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