Gage Park Chicago Neighborhood Apartment Rentals

For families looking for a tight knit community on Chicago's South Side, but are looking for affordable living and apartments, Gage Park is a hidden gem of affordability and quality city living. With block after block of homey bungalows set around the green expanse of Gage Park itself, the neighborhood is also one of the South Side's most diverse areas, affording its residents a range of community activities and amenities.

Location and Population

The Gage Park community area is located about seven miles southwest of the downtown Chicago Loop and is home to roughly 40,000 residents. Gage Park apartments are called home by a wide diversity of people, but today the neighborhood is largely Hispanic. Apts in Gage Park are bordered by the neighborhoods of Chicago Lawn, Brighton Park, New City, Archer Heights and West Englewood. It is bounded by Central Park Avenue on the west, 59th Street to the south, 49th Street to the north and Oakley Avenue to the east. Gage Park housing is considered in the 60609, 60629, 60632 or 60636 ZIP codes..


Gage Park awards its residents a number of transportation options, not the least of which are its proximity to Midway Airport and the I-55 Stevenson Expressway. Housing in Gage Park also offers major street access along Western Avenue and 55th Street/Garfield Blvd. The Chicago Transit Authority offers several bus routes through Gage Park, including:

  • #59 along 59th Street
  • #55 along 55th Street (with transfer to the Garfield Red Line stop)
  • #54 along Western Avenue and #54X Western Avenue Express (with transfer to the Western Orange Line stop)
  • #48 along Damen Avenue
  • #94 along California Avenue (with transfer to the Western Orange Line stop)
  • #52 and #52A along Kedzie Avenue (with transfer to the Kedzie Orange Line stop)


Gage Park apartments are also serviced via the CTA Orange Line which runs through the Loop to Midway Airport. Main stops in the neighborhood include:

  • Western Orange Line
  • Kedzie Orange Line


Community and Living Opportunities

The neighborhood of Gage Park is one of the most diverse in the South Side. With a population split between Hispanic, Irish Catholic and African American residents, the area is home to very eclectic communities, activities and culture. True to its name, most of the activity in the area centers on the 69-acre Gage Park, where sports fields, a public swimming pool and large field house allow for a number of activities. The diverse feel is united by block after block of small, single-family bungalows and affordable low-rise Gage Park apartment buildings. Housing in Gage Park is affordable, but comfortable, with many local property management companies even accepting Section 8 Vouchers. These Section 8 rentals are a valuable way for Chicago families looking for comfortable living in Gage Park. The neighborhood boasts a number of quality schools for families living in Gage Park apts. These include:

  • Maria High School
  • Lindblom Math and Science Academy
  • Gage Park High School
  • Jacques Marquette School
  • Tonti Elementary
  • Nightingale Elementary


Shopping and Nightlife

Gage Park apartments' residents find a number of shopping and dining opportunities to serve the various cultural groups that call the neighborhood home. A number of shopping centers are found on 59th Street and Garfield Boulevard. A Sears is located on South Western Avenue along with Brabec's Department Store operating on West 55th. The multicultural feel of Gage Park's housing also translates to the dining possibilities that are available to local residents. Highlights include:

  • Geneo's Pizza (2945 W. 59th Street)
  • Harold's Chicken Shack (5606 S. Ashland Avenue)
  • Waldo Cooney's Pizza (2640 W. 51st Street)
  • La Quebrada Restaurant (5100 S. California Avenue)
  • J&J Fish & Chicken (5101 S. Ashland Avenue)



During the early days of the neighborhood, Gage Park housing was filled with immigrants from Eastern Europe and Ireland. In fact, the churches and apts in Gage Park have been home to Catholics of all kinds ' first Irish and Eastern Europeans, followed by a growing Hispanic population that settled in the neighborhood in the late 1970s. Today, Gage Park housing is known as some of the most affordable in the city. Whether you are looking for single-family bungalows or Gage Park apartments, there is something to be found for any budget. Seeking housing under 600 dollars, apartments under 800 dollars or apartments under 1000 dollars? Local property management companies have quality housing at any price range. Plus, many property management companies still accept Section 8 vouchers or have options for Section 8 housing.

More Information

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