Chicago Apartments Under $1100

Pangea Real Estate has amazingly spacious properties packed with amenities for your convenience. We want your Chicago apartment under $1,100 to have all the comforts your new home should. Space is important too, which is why all of our apartments for rent under $1100 are spacious, great for entertaining, play, or just living. Did we mention you can get up to 4 bedrooms for the price?


How Do I Figure Out How Much Rent I Can Afford?

The first question many people ask themselves when getting ready to move, whether for the first time or perhaps for the last, is “How much can I afford?” While this would ideally not be the make or break factor, it very often is. Price is one of the essential components in picking your new apartment.

A method we think works well is that you take your annual income divided by 48 to determine what your rent should be, meaning about ¼ of your income should go to housing. Remember to combine incomes for multiple-income families! Utilities, renter’s insurance, and other incidentals should also be factors. SO this works out to mean that if you’re making $53,000, your housing costs should be about $1100, and you should search for Chicago apartments for rent under $1100.

How Do I Search for Chicago Apartments Under $1100 with Pangea?

Pangea offers apartments for rent under $1100 all over Chicago, with the greatest concentration and variety in the South Side. Reflecting the great diversity of the people living in the South Side, Pangea’s apartments fit your needs, no matter what your budget requirements may be. You can use Pangea’s search options to filter for price first, then figure out what the essential parts of your apartment are going to be, whether that’s the neighborhood, proximity to important services, or how many bedrooms you’re going to need.

If you like some of the Chicago listings under $1100, you can schedule a showing by filling out this online form or by calling (888) 856-3125.

Amenities Our Apartments Under $1100 Can Get You:

  • New, Modern Appliances
  • Hardwood Floors OR Carpeting
  • Heat Free of Charge
  • Spacious Accommodations, including full Dining Rooms
  • Laundry In Your Building
  • Maintenance Hotline Available 24/7
  • Apartment matching services should you need to fill a room

How Do I Pay My Rent?

Not only can Pangea help you to search for an apartment in Chicago under $1100, it is also a flexible and conscientious landlord. Pay rent online, by check or when you stop in at one of our local offices. You can pay rent and build credit by working with Pangea today.

Save Money During and After Your Chicago Apartment Search

Finding the apartment is the hard part. Once you’ve gotten the place you want to live, that’s when the rewards start rolling in. Pangea believes in strengthening communities by giving back, and wants to make you an essential part of improving your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Save on Rent. Sign up for Pangea’s e-pay service and earn $25 off next month's rent. Pay using a credit card or your checking account and the $25 credit is yours, no strings attached!
  • Refer Your Friends & Save. Pangea believes that good tenants attract more good tenants. You, as a valued member of our community, can refer a friend for a rental credit. If you refer a resident who ends up moving into one of our properties, you’ll get a rent credit for the next month! There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so go ahead, spread the word, and strengthen your community!

Pangea Real Estate is happy to take any and all questions you have about all steps of the rental process. Contact us to set up a showing.