Studio Apartments Chicago


Apartment hunting in Chicago can be so stressful it often feels like a second job. There are so many questions to answer: Will I be close to public transportation? Is this a safe neighborhood? Are these prices too high? Will I be able to catch a cab? Not to mention all questions you might never think to ask. Luckily, the property management experts at Pangea know just what you're going through. If you're searching through the thousands of studio apartments for rent in Chicago, you need their expertise on your side. With Pangea studio apartment services, you benefit from:

  • FREE apartment search and matching
  • Expert staff and maintenance
  • Special discounts and referral bonuses


The Best Studio Apartments in Chicago

At Pangea, we are one of the city's leading companies helping match residents with the comfortable, high quality affordable studios for rent they're looking for. No matter what part of the city you call home, or where you'd like to move, we can help you find the modern studio apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget. We specialize in finding affordable studio apartments in the following popular neighborhoods:

  • South Shore studios: close to beaches, museums and the Red Line
  • Auburn Gresham: hundreds of studios or larger apartments
  • Franklin Park studios: west side location, with access to downtown
  • Oak Park studios: outside the city, but with an urban feel
  • Chatham: historic buildings and high quality rehabbed studio apartments available now


Affordable Studio Apartments and Excellent Service

At Pangea, our job doesn't end once we get you into your perfect studio apartment. In fact, we're just getting started. We are a full service management company, meaning you don't have to worry about lazy landlords, busted pipes or shoddy maintenance work. When choosing a studio for rent with Pangea, you benefit from:

  • Property managers just a phone call away
  • High quality studios, no matter what the rent
  • Easy online rent pay
  • A polite, customer-first management philosophy
  • Section 8 studio apartment vouchers accepted

Are you tired of finding the studio you want, but realizing it's out of your price range? At Pangea, we can find the best studio apartments to fit any budget. Whether you're looking for apartments under 600 dollars, studio apartments under 800 dollars or studios under 900 dollars, we can help you find what you're looking for. Plus, we even accept section 8 vouchers or can fit you with a section 8 studio apartment that fits your specific needs. So why waste your time looking for studio bedroom apartments that don't fit your needs? At Pangea, we can help you find nice studio apartments in Chicago that are near public transportation, quality schools, shopping and dining opportunities or even close to your work. With so many options available in the Chicago studio apartment market, why not team up with the experts who know the most about finding the right apartment for your busy lifestyle? Contact Pangea today.