Garfield Park Apartments in Chicago

Located due west of downtown Chicago, the neighborhoods of East and West Garfield Park (only separated by the green expanse of the park itself) are a staging ground for much of the revitalization that has come to Chicago's West Side. With a combination of new construction, classic housing deals and a growing shopping and dining scene, Garfield Park housing offers great opportunities to its residents now and in the future.

Location and Population

Garfield Park is located about six miles west of the downtown Chicago Loop and houses roughly 24,000 Chicagoans. The neighborhood is bordered by Humboldt Park, Near West Side, Westtown, North Lawndale and the city of Oak Park. Housing in Garfield Park is demarcated by whether it sits within the area of Franklin Boulevard to the north, Rockwell Street to the east, Arlington and Taylor Streets to the south and Hamlin Street to the west. Housing in Garfield Park usually falls under either the 60612 or 60624 ZIP code.


As development money makes its way west from downtown towards Garfield Park housing, it's the transportation opportunities available that make it easy for residents to follow. The neighborhood sits just north of the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway, providing easy access downtown or to the western suburbs. Main city streets such as Jackson, Washington and Lake run straight downtown. CTA bus lines run throughout the neighborhood and service apts in Garfield Park. These include:

  • #20 along Madison (serving the United Center and downtown)
  • #126 along Jackson (serving Malcom X College)
  • #7 along Congress Parkway and looping through the neighborhood
  • #82 along Homan and #52 along Kedzie (connections to above bus lines, as well as the Kedzie Green, Blue and Pink Line stops)


But the true value of Garfield Park apartments is their location to two major CTA El lines, the Green and Blue Forest Park Branch Lines. Major stops located near apts in Garfield Park include:

  • Kedzie Green Line
  • Conservatory-Central Park Drive Green Line
  • Pulaski Green Line
  • Kedzie-Homan Blue Line
  • Pulaski Blue Line


Community and Living Opportunities

The community of Garfield Park has benefited from quality housing, safe neighborhoods and expansive park land through much of its history. The main benefit of residents living in Garfield Park housing is the park itself. Roughly 20% of the neighborhood's land is owned and operated by the Chicago Park District, providing numerous opportunities for recreation and exercise to Garfield Park apartments residents. The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the city's premier botanical and cultural centers. A number of public and private schools serve families living in Garfield Park apts. These include:

  • Dodge Elementary
  • Calhoun North Elementary
  • Faraday Elementary
  • Marshall Metro High School
  • Al Raby High School
  • Providence St. Mel High School
  • Wright Elementary


Shopping and Nightlife

Garfield Park abounds with shopping, recreation and dining. The main center for shopping opportunities is found on Madison Street, particularly west of the Park near Pulaski Road. With the neighborhood's large population and diverse cultures, dining opportunities are bound to follow. Garfield Park housing offers highlights such as:

  • Edna's Restaurant (3175 W. Madison)
  • Abe's Super Dog (3407 W. Madison)
  • Anne's Beef and Rice
  • Star Lounge Coffee House



Immediately following the neighborhood's annexation in 1889, Garfield Park housing was overrun with Chicagoans looking to take advantage of the area's green spaces and affordable prices. This boom continued well into the 20th century as housing opportunities grew in the neighborhood. While the area saw declines in the years following WWII, housing in Garfield Park has since improved, with gentrification and Mayor Daley's 'Green Town' initiative pouring more money into development of the area. Despite this fact, the area still houses gems of deals for local residents and families, with some property management companies even accepting Section 8 vouchers. If you're looking for apts under 600 dollars, rentals under 800 dollars or apartments under 1000 dollars, Garfield Park is a great place to start searching for quality and affordability.

More Information

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