All Paths Converge on Greater Grand Crossing Apartments

Once the junction of two major railway lines, Greater Grand Crossing is now the meeting place of Chicago families of all backgrounds looking for the balance between affordable housing and a strong community feel. While the railway lines have remained, little else has stayed the same in the neighborhood and the influx of new and renovating Greater Grand Crossing housing makes it a prime location for those seeking quality apartments on Chicago's South Side.

Location and Population

Greater Grand Crossing is located roughly 12 miles south of the downtown Chicago Loop and is called home by roughly 40,000 residents. The neighborhood is bordered by Washington Park, Englewood, Auburn Gresham, Chatham, Avalon Park and South Shore. The neighborhood is demarcated by Marquette Road to the north, 79th Street to the south, Cottage Grove Avenue to the west and Stony Island Avenue to the east. Apartments in Greater Grand Crossing tend to fall under one of the following ZIP codes: 60619, 60620, 60621 or 60637.


Greater Grand Crossing apartments, still a meeting place for major railway lines, also afford residents a number of personal transportation options. Commuters are within minutes of the Dan Ryan Expressway and Chicago Skyway, as well as major city streets such as Cottage Grove and Stony Island Avenues. The Chicago Transit Authority offers several bus routes through Greater Grand Crossing, including:

  • #4 along Cottage Grove Avenue (connections at 71st, 75th and 79th Streets)
  • #28 along Stony Island Avenue (connections at 71st, 75th and 79th Streets)
  • #28X ' Stony Island Express
  • #79 along 79th Street (with transfer to the 79th Street Red Line stop)
  • #75 along 75th Street
  • #71 along 71st Street (with transfer to the 69th Street Red Line stop)
  • #30 along S. Chicago Avenue


Greater Grand Crossing housing residents can also access the CTA's Red Line via bus transfers at the following stops:

  • 79th Street Red Line
  • 69th Street Red Line


Community and Living Opportunities

Once the home to eastern European railway workers, Greater Grand Crossing has since attracted families and residents of the South Side due to its affordable housing and strong community feel. Recent revitalization efforts, including an extensive youth center complete with gym, computer lab and dance studio provides activities for families settling in Greater Grand Crossing apts. A number of parks allow apts in Greater Grand Crossing's residents outdoor opportunities, including Meyering Park and the larger Grand Crossing Park. Apartment housing in Greater Grand Crossing is affordable for families looking for quality and value, with many local property management companies even accepting Section 8 Vouchers. These Section 8 rentals are a valuable way for Chicago families looking for affordable living in Greater Grand Crossing. The neighborhood boasts a number of quality schools for families living in Greater Grand Crossing apts. These include:

  • St. Dorothy Elementary
  • Ruggles Elementary
  • St. Columbanus School
  • Betty Shabazz International Charter School
  • Hirsch Metropolitan High School

For those residents seeking post-secondary or continuing education classes, Chicago's Kennedy-King College is located just blocks from the neighborhood.


Shopping and Nightlife

Shopping opportunities abound for residents living in Greater Grand Crossing housing, with the main shopping drag located on the 79th Street corridor and clustered near the intersection with Cottage Grove Avenue. Convenience stores such as Walgreens and Seven-Eleven are conveniently distributed throughout the neighborhood. The multicultural feel of Gage Park's housing also translates to the dining possibilities that are available to local residents. Highlights include:

  • Army & Lou's Restaurants (422 E. 75th Street)
  • Soul Vegetarian East (205 E. 75th Street)
  • Lem's Bar-B-Q House (311 E. 75th Street)
  • Izola's Restaurant (5522 E. 79th Street)
  • Yassa African & Caribbean (716 E. 79th Street)



Originally a meeting place between the Illinois Central and the Michigan Southern railway lines at 75th and South Chicago Avenue, the neighborhood gained its name from this dangerous crossing, which was the site of many rail accidents until signal lights and elevated tracks were installed in the early 20th century. The railroads brought many immigrants to the area and this increase in population led to a boom in Greater Grand Crossing housing. Today, the railway workers have left, but affordable housing and a strong community feel remain for families and residents living in Greater Grand Crossing apts. If you are looking for apts under 600 dollars, apartments under 800 dollars or apartments under 1000 dollars, there are few neighborhoods on the South Side that offer more options. Local property management companies have quality housing at any price range. Plus, many property management companies still accept Section 8 vouchers or have options for Section 8 housing.

More Information

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