Find Downtown Living at Affordable Prices with Lawndale Apartments

One of the Chicago's oldest and most historic of neighborhood on the city's far West Side, Lawndale is a center for those seeking quality, affordable single-family or apartment housing within a stone's throw of the downtown area. From the historic K-Town area to the revitalized Homan Square, Lawndale is one of the West Side's fastest up and coming neighborhoods.

Location and Population

The North and South Lawndale neighborhoods are located roughly 6 miles due west of the downtown Chicago Loop. The area is neighbored by Garfield Park and Douglas Park and is home to over 40,000 residents. Lawndale is bordered by the Eisenhower Expressway to the north, Western Avenue to the east, Ogden Avenue to the south and Kolmar Avenue to the west. Apartments in Lawndale tend to fall under one of the following ZIP codes: 60608, 60623 or 60624.


Lawndale's central-west location offers residents living in Lawndale apts easy access to downtown or the western suburbs. The main artery of the I-290 Eisenhower Expressway runs along the North Side of the neighborhood, linking residents to the Circle Interchange or far western suburbs. The Chicago Transit Authority offers several bus routes for Lawndale housing residents, including:

  • #82 along Homan and Central Park Avenues
  • #52 along Kedzie Avenue (with transfer to the Green, Blue or Pink Lines)
  • #12 along Roosevelt Road
  • #7 along Harrison Road


Apartments in Lawndale offer residents a truly valuable public transportation resource in the Forest Park Branch of the CTA's Blue Line, which runs through the neighborhood and makes the following stops:

  • Pulaski Blue Line
  • Kedzie-Homan Blue Line
  • Western Blue Line

Access to the CTA's Pink Line, further south, can be accessed by any number of bus routes listed above.


Community and Living Opportunities

Lawndale is one of the most unique and historic neighborhoods on Chicago's West Side. Like many residential neighborhoods, the area was first home to immigrants, mostly from Eastern European backgrounds that flocked to Lawndale apartments to find home near major industrial centers. Lawndale has one of the city's largest collection of historic Graystone buildings which line its quiet, green residential blocks. This, along with more recent apartment complexes and its proximity to the huge expanses of Douglas and Garfield Parks makes housing in Lawndale a premium target for West Side families. An area in Lawndale known as K-Town is a perfect example of the block after block of small residential streets that are ubiquitous in the area. Located between Pulaski Road and Cicero Avenue, the area is so-called because of the number of north-south streets that start with a 'K', including: Karlov Ave., Kedvale Ave., Keeler Ave., Kenneth Ave., Kilbourn Ave., Kildare Ave., Kolin Ave., Kolmar Ave., Komensky Ave. Kostner Ave. and Kilpatrick Ave. Another more recent addition to the Lawndale apts scene is Homan square, a new development which includes family homes, apartment buildings, a community center and retail opportunities. Despite recent renovations, apartment housing in Lawndale is affordable for families looking for quality and value, with many local property management companies even accepting Section 8 Vouchers. These Section 8 rentals are a valuable way for Chicago families to find premier living opportunities at an affordable price. The neighborhood boasts a number of quality schools for families living in Lawndale apts. These include:

  • Blessed Sacrament School
  • North Lawndale College Prep
  • Augustine College
  • Gregory Episcopal School
  • Cardenas Elementary


Shopping and Nightlife

Roosevelt Road, a major thoroughfare through the neighborhood, is also one of Chicago's great retail corridors. Residents living in Lawndale apts can find just about anything they need along this stretch or along the nearby Ogden Avenue. Convenience stores such as Walgreens and Seven-Eleven are conveniently distributed throughout the neighborhood. Dining opportunities also about, with a number of ethnic and cultural options to choose from, including:

  • Miller's Barbecue (1806 S. Pulaski Road)
  • K Town Kitchen (4246 W. 16th Street)
  • La Quebradita (4859 W. Roosevelt Road)
  • Izola's Restaurant (5522 E. 79th Street)
  • Lou Malnati's Pizza (3859 W. Ogden Avenue)



Lawndale has always been a vibrant and busy community, dating back to the early 19th Century when a major thoroughfare to Chicago, the Southwest Plank Road, provided access to farmers and downstate residents to Chicago proper. Soon, business, boarding house and restaurants popped up along the road and the area was first adopted into Cicero Township. The city was annexed to Chicago in the 20th century when a number of major retail and industrial giants ' including Sears Roebuck and International Harvester ' moved into the area. Today, Lawndale is one of the premier destinations for West Side families looking for affordable and quality Lawndale apartments and the population and amenities in the area have skyrocketed. If you are looking for apts under 600 dollars, apartments under 800 dollars or apartments under 1000 dollars, the West Side neighborhood of Lawndale is a great starting place for finding quality housing at any price. And a number of property management companies still accept Section 8 vouchers or have options for Section 8 housing in the Lawndale area.

More Information

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