Lawndale Studio Apartments Available Immediately at a Great Price!

Rent studio Lawndale Apartments through Pangea Real Estate today! We offer studio housing for rent in Lawndale with great low prices, and we don't require a credit score check with your application. Take a look at some of the amenities you’ll enjoy if you rent one  of our Lawndale studio apartments:

  • Your Safety is Protected, With Security Cameras and Gated Entry
  • Appliances Included – New or Refurbished
  • Convenient On-Site Laundry Facilities
  • (Most Units) Heating is Included
  • Wireless Internet Access, Free!
  • Call us Any Time on our 24-7 Maintenance Hotline


Looking for Studio Apts in Lawndale? Pangea Real Estate Can Help!

Pangea Real Estate has dedicated property managers for its Lawndale housing units, so that you can be assured that you will receive the attention and care that you deserve. We let our service be guided by our three core values: Service, Value, and Care. 

  • Service: When you rent from Pangea, the property managers are just a phone call away with our 24/7 maintenance hotline. We ensure that all of our tenants are renting from well-maintained, efficiently managed housing in Lawndale. You'll also have the option of making rent payments, placing maintenance requests and contacting management online, for even more convenience.
  • Value: Reliable, efficient management and a high quality of living are all included when you rent Lawndale studio apartments through Pangea. We keep all property management functions in-house to save you money, so construction, leasing, and business operations are all conducted internally, and we can be certain that no unnecessary cost is passed on to you.
  • Care: Customers and communities are a top priority for Pangea Real Estate, especially for our real estate Lawndale. We have Tenant Relations Agents available to assist with signing a lease and to introduce the tenant to all the options available with Pangea Real Estate. A 24-hour hotline is available to assist tenants of apartment rentals in Lawndale with any issues. Plus, a monthly newsletter is provided with money saving tips, local job postings and other interesting information in the neighborhood for our community of tenants.


Interested in Something Else Besides Studio Apts in Lawndale?

We have rooms for rent in Lawndale, and in a variety of other neighborhoods on the South, South West and West sides of Chicago. Finding the apartment that's right for you isn't a problem when you use Pangea Real Estate as your property manager. You can find Section 8 housing in any of the popular neighborhoods below:

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