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Located on Chicago's front doorstep, Oak Park is a little town with a big city feel. Much of this has to do with its close connection to its big sister to the east, which affords it several transportation, shopping and dining opportunities. If you're looking for a small town location with a big town feel ' and the affordable housing to match ' Oak Park is sure to impress.

Location and Population

Located about 9 miles west of downtown Chicago, Oak Park, IL is the closest suburb to Chicago's west side and home to roughly 50,000 residents. Oak Park housing is bordered by the Chicago neighborhood of Austin to the east, and the towns of River Forest, Berwyn and Cicero to the north, south and west. The town is demarcated by Austin Blvd to the east, the Eisenhower Expressway to the south, Harlem Avenue to the west and Chicago Avenue to the north. Housing in Garfield Park usually falls under one of the following ZIP codes: 60301, 60302, 60603 or 60604.


Apartments Oak Park, IL and the residents who call them home, benefit in many ways to its proximity to Chicago. None is more important to the access to Chicago's public transportation. CTA bus lines run throughout the neighborhood and service apts in Oak Park. These include:

  • #126 along Jackson (up to the city limits)
  • #320 along Madison Street (connecting to #20 in Chicago)
  • #305 along Roosevelt Street (connecting to #12 in Chicago)
  • #315 along Ridgeland (with transfer to the Austin/Lombard Blue Line stop)
  • #311 along Oak Park (with transfer to the Oak Park Blue Line stop)
  • #307 along Harlem (with transfer to the Harlem Blue Line stop)

Oak Park residents also benefit from connection to the CTA's Blue and Green El Lines, with major stops servicing housing in Oak Park including:

  • Austin/Lombard Blue Line
  • Oak Park/East Avenue Blue Line
  • Harlem/Circle Blue Line
  • Forest Park Blue Line
  • Austin Green Line
  • Ridgeland Green Line
  • Oak Park Green Line
  • Harlem/Lake Green Line


Community and Living Opportunities

Although Oak Park is a small city unto itself, it is home to several distinct neighborhoods. Some historic areas are home to architectural gems, with the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright homes for one town represented. Other neighborhoods provide blocks of quiet residential streets and Oak Park apartments, while still others mimic the busy hustle and bustle of downtown life. An increase in vacancies in downtown Oak Park (residents moving either closer to Chicago or further west) provide great deals on apts in Oak Park, along with a safe and friendly community feel. Oak Park also boasts one of the nation's oldest Park Districts. The 80 acres of public land provide residents of Oak Park housing with numerous recreational and cultural activities, as well as an extensive dog park. The Oak Park School District (District 97) provides a number of quality public school options to families living in Oak Park housing, including:

  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Mann Elementary
  • Holmes Elementary
  • Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School
  • Percy Julian Middle School
  • Oak Park and River Forest High School
  • Fenwick High School (Private college prep)


Shopping and Nightlife

Oak Park delivers residents a bounty of shopping opportunities, from the usual convenience and department stores to a unique and thriving Arts District along Harrison Street. Residents of Oak Park apts can take advantage of the many culinary options that the city provides. Some highlights include:

  • Hemmingway's Bistro (211 N. Oak Park)
  • Flat Top Grill (726 Lake Street)
  • CafÃ????Ã???Ã??Ã?© Winberie (151 N. Oak Park)
  • Cucina Paradiso (814 N. Boulevard)
  • Maya Del Sol (144 S. Oak Park)
  • Grape Leaves (129 S. Oak Park)



The city of Oak Park has humble beginnings, first designated as only 172 acres of land just west of Chicago. In the mid 19th century, the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad built tracks through the area and soon the neighborhood exploded in population. The 20th century saw a golden age in Oak Park housing, when several prominent architects (the most notable was Wright) built glorious homes for the city's elite. Author Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park and wrote about the town often, especially in his earlier works. Today, the Oak Park housing includes an eclectic balance of historic homes and affordable apartment housing. Affordable living options still abound and a number of property management companies accept Section 8 vouchers. If you're looking for rentals under 600 dollars, apartments under 800 dollars or apartments under 1000 dollars, housing in Oak Park is available to fit any budget.

More Information

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