Looking for a Place to Live in Baltimore? Check Out Pangea Oaks Apartments

Pangea Real Estate, Chicagoland and Indianapolis’ premier multi-family rental company, has expanded into the Baltimore market, investing time, money, and effort to rebuild dozens of buildings, such as Pangea Oaks apartments, back to their original potential. All of our apartments — including Pangea Oaks apartments — have been completely rehabbed to include amenities such as free heat and Wi-Fi, modern appliances, hardwood floors, security cameras and more.


Discover the Benefits of Pangea Real Estate

Pangea currently has over 400 units throughout Baltimore, covering neighborhoods in and around the Westside. Not only are our buildings owned by Pangea but they are managed by us as well, ensuring quality service to all residents. Pangea provides 24/7 access to reliable and skilled maintenance professionals so that our residents can rest assured knowing that any issues or concerns regarding their Pangea Oaks apartments will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

On top of our quality service, Pangea also offers many resident programs including Pangea Loyalty Rewards, which automatically enrolls residents who have lived with Pangea for over a year in an incentivized program with benefits such as timely-rent payment bonuses and a preferred maintenance hotline number. And Pangea’s referral program, which rewards those who refer a resident to Pangea with up to $500, is another benefit unique to choosing Pangea.

Living in the Westside of Baltimore

Baltimore’s Westside is rich with culture and reasons to put down roots. Just a short cruise from the harbor and close to great food and nightlife, it’s no wonder this area has become revitalized in the past few years. The Charm City is not only historic, but also a great place to live for people of all ages. Pangea Oaks apartments are no different. They’re fully rehabbed to include the best amenities at the lowest prices. Whether you’re looking for a studio or four-bedroom apartment, we have what you need at a price you can afford.

Ready to Live in One of Our Pangea Oaks Apartments?

Don’t sacrifice quality for affordability, schedule a showing by phone or online today and you can call one of our Pangea Oaks apartments your own. It’s easy and it takes little to no time. Apply and get approved for your apartment in minutes! Take the pressure off apartment hunting and get started finding the perfect apartment for you as soon as today.