How to Pay Rent Online and Build Your Credit

Why Credit Is Important

Creditors use a credit score to determine the financial risk of lending money, so if you’re looking to make a major purchase or rental, creditors can assess the likelihood of being paid back (on time). Credit is important when you are looking make an important purchase, like buying a car or renting an apartment. However, maintaining a good credit score and building credit is not always easy, particularly for those without a long credit history. There are many factors that can hurt a credit score. We know that it can be tough to rent an apartment with a low or no credit score, which is why Pangea Real Estate offers the ability to pay rent and build credit.

Does paying rent build credit? – YES!

Since the mortgage crisis of 2009, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of consumers choosing to rent property. There were about 5 million more renter households in 2013 than were reported in 2007. Thanks to the introduction of the pay rent to build credit system, it is no longer necessary to own property and pay a mortgage to build a healthy credit history. A majority of the renter population is capable of benefiting from this new system by paying rent online and having it included in credit reports. Within just the first month of signing up, about seven out of 10 renters encountered a positive VantageScore credit score change.

  • Pangea has formed a partnership with Experian to help our renters get the credit they deserve for on-time monthly payments.
  • Your Experian credit report will display the 25 most recent months of rental payment history information, if available, and on-time monthly payments are made
  • Your rent payment history will be provided to the credit bureaus and will be reflected in your credit report, similar to a credit card line of credit.
  • You will be able to establish, build and improve credit, giving you access to more financial products and better interest rates.

Pay Rent, Build Credit

Until recently, rent payment was not factored into your credit score. Pangea Real Estate offers the ability to pay rent and build credit by paying rent online and on-time. We submit rental payment information, including the amount, the timeliness of the payment, and any balance owed, to include in credit reports. Rental payment information will then appear on consumer files alongside their other financial obligations such as auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. The inclusion of rental payment history in credit reports allows you to build your credit score through timely rent payment.

‘Pay rent, build credit’ programs are particularly useful for anyone who rents, particularly non-credit-active and cash-based customers. These programs are also useful for young people in their 20’s who have little or no credit history, as they allow them to begin building credit consistently. With our easy-to-use online rent payment portal, Pangea Real Estate makes building your credit simple!

Information Reported

By enrolling in the pay rent and build credit program, Experian will receive updated rental payment data every 24 hours. When you pay rent on time, that data is reported to Experian and can be reflected in your credit report. Only positive rental payment information, like full and on-time payments, are added to your credit report with Experian with this program.

The Benefits of Paying Rent Online

Paying rent online has many benefits beyond building credit!

  • Avoid late fees with automatic rent payment
  • Track your rent payment online
  • Paying rent online makes sharing rent with roommates much more convenient
  • No annoying checks! That means no dealing with envelopes and stamps, or the landlord saying it didn’t arrive on time
  • Paying rent online is better for the environment. Save a trip to the post office!

Learn More about Credit

Your credit score may be used in many scenarios - auto loans, mortgages, credit card applications, and more - so it is important to build and maintain credit. To learn more about building credit with on-time rental payments, visit or ask your property management company. To learn how to obtain a copy of your credit report or how to manage your credit score, Experian has resources for you.