Pullman Apartment Rentals in Chicago

The South Side neighborhood of Pullman is not only one of America's most historically significant urban neighborhoods, but also the site of a recent explosion of restoration and renewal. As one of the most diverse and active neighborhoods in Chicago, Pullman rentals offer residents a mix of recreational, commercial and transportation opportunities.

Location and Population

Located about 12 miles south of the Loop, the Pullman neighborhood is home to nearly 10,000 residents and is bordered by the neighborhoods of Burnside, Riverdale, Roseland and Lake Calumet. The neighborhood sits within Chicago's 60628 ZIP code and is delineated by 103rd Street to the north, Lake Calumet to the east, Halsted Street to the west and 127th Street to the south. The historic district of Pullman is represented in only a portion of this area, with the neighborhoods of North and West Pullman making up the rest of the community area.


Transportation not only moves the residents of Pullman apartments, it's also the reason they exist. The historic neighborhood was built to house the workers of the famous Pullman Palace Car Company, which supplied luxury railway cars in the 1800s. Today the rail cars are gone, but the legacy remains. The Chicago Transit Authority offers several bus routes through the area, including:

  • #111 along Cottage Grove Avenue (connections at Michigan Ave, King Drive and Halsted Street)
  • #353 along King Drive (connections at 111th, 115th and 119th Streets)
  • #34 and #119 along Michigan Avenue (connection to the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line stop)
  • #8A and #108 along Halsted Street
  • #103 along 103rd Street
  • #111 along 111th Street
  • #119 along 119th Street


The Metra Electric and Blue Island lines also run through the area, connecting residents of Pullman rentals with downtown Chicago and the southern suburbs. Stops include:

  • 103rd Street
  • 107th Street
  • 111th Street
  • Kensington


Community and Living Opportunities

As one of the gems of Chicago's South Side, Pullman apartments have become a destination for South Side residents looking for a safe, active and historic neighborhood. The historic district of traditional Victorian architecture gives the neighborhood a quaint, quite charm. Home to Chicago's famous 'Polish Cathedrals', as well as a number of other historic buildings, Pullman was nominated for the Illinois Seven Wonders site. A number of green areas serve as recreational opportunities for Pullman apartments residents. Gately Park on East 103rd Street and Palmer Park on East 111th Street are two major attractions. However, it is the expansive Lake Calumet, with its accessible shoreline, sailing harbor and Harborside International Golf Course that is the main draw. The Pullman neighborhood boasts a number of quality schools for families as well. These include:

  • Corliss High School
  • Poe Classical School
  • St. John De La Salle
  • Lavizzo Elementary
  • Summers Prep
  • Smith W. Elementary

Post-secondary students living in Pullman also have two quality colleges to choose from. Chicago State University sits just off of Martin Luther King Drive and Olive-Harvey City College is located on 103rd Street.


Shopping and Nightlife

Pullman rental residents can find a number of commercial options along South Michigan Avenue, including City Sports, Foot Locker and the 115th Street Mini Mall. Residents living in Pullman one or two bedroom apartments, as with all Pullman residents, can benefit from the neighborhoods growth, which has brought a number of food options to the area.

  • AP Deli Restaurant (10758 S. Michigan)
  • Ranch Steak House (11147 S. Michigan)
  • Pepe's Mexican Restaurant (11227 S. State)
  • Church's Chicken (200 E 103rd)
  • Cal-Harbor Restaurant and Lounge (546 E. 115th)



The neighborhood of Pullman is one of the success stories of American urban renewal. The historic district was built in the 1880s and served as housing for workers of the Pullman Palace Car Company, one of the leading corporations of its time. In an age when most factory workers lived in dilapidated and crowded tenements, Pullman apartments were a dream, winning praise as 'the world's most perfect town.' The heyday of Pullman apartments ended after the Panic of 1893, when the company's stock precipitously declined. The neighborhood was annexed to the city of Chicago (along with most of the current South Side) in 1889. As the neighborhood continued to decline well into the 20th Century, Pullman apartments were slated for demolition to make way for an industrial park. Luckily, local and historic supporters came to the neighborhood's aid and, in 1972, Pullman was designated a National, State and City historic landmark. Today, the stock of Pullman rentals, homes and apartments has risen again, with hundreds of residents flocking to the renewal of this historic area. It remains one of the safest and pleasing neighborhoods on Chicago's South Side.

More Information

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