4 Easy Ways to Pay Your Rent

Pay online in 3 easy steps!

1 Log in or Create An Account
2 Click "Make Payment"
3 Enter & submit your Checking Account info

Once enrolled, you can even make maintenance requests online as well!

Call us at 888-218-0080 for assistance. Once enrolled, you have the option to pay by phone or through our website.

1 Pangea ExpressPayment
Pay at any MoneyGram location for $3.50.

What You'll Need:

1. MoneyGram location
2. Pangea ccount Number (on lease)
3. Pangea's Receiver Code: 9798
4. Company Name: RentPayment

 $25 off rent with first use
 No transaction limit
 No need to drop off payment

2 Local Zone Office
1. Make Money Order or Check out to: "Pangea Real Estate"
2. Drop off payment to your local Zone/Leasing Office

Pangea has a strict no cash policy.

Mail your rent payments. Pangea accepts money order or check only and has a strict no cash policy.

Make out to: "Pangea Real Estate"

Mail to:
Pangea Real Estate
PO BOX 809009
Chicago, IL 60680

Rent payments received after the 5th of the month will be charged applicable late fees. Please allow a few extra days for your payment to reach us on time.

Call Pangea's Resident Care Team at 888-218-0080. One of our representatives will assist you in making your payment over the phone.

Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Friday

    7AM - 8PM CST

  • Saturday

    8AM - 6PM CST

  • Saturday

    9AM - 5PM

What You'll Need:

1. Account #: Found on your lease
2. Name: Primary name on your lease
3. Address: Your apartment/unit #
4. Credit Card Info: Have your credit cad ready

*The terms of these programs can be changed at any time. Please contact your Pangea resident relations department for the latest rules. **These rental credits cannot be transferred or sold and have no cash value. *** For residents with subsidized housing, if your monthly resident portion is less than the discount, you will receive a max discount of 1 month of resident portion.