Pangea Townhomes for Rent

Get More Space, More Savings with Pangea Townhomes

Looking for the affordable, comfortable and convenient home your family needs? At Pangea Real Estate, we specializing in helping families just like yours find the perfect townhome rental to support their busy lifestyles and budgets.

Pangea Real Estate is a leading townhome rental provider in the Midwest and is now offering affordable townhomes and apartments in Sauk Village, Park Forest and Indianapolis. Our newly rehabbed 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom townhomes are fully equipped and ready for move-in—offering the best of Midwest townhome living that fits your budget and needs.


Affordable Townhomes with All the Amenities

Tired of dealing with lazy landlords, outstanding maintenance issues and high rent prices? At Pangea, we provide affordable townhome rentals with all the amenities and services you need to keep your family happy and healthy. All our townhomes come equipped with:

The Location You Want

It can be difficult to find the townhome you want for your family that fits your budget and needs, but when you’re looking for a safe and affordable townhome in a specific location, it can get even more difficult. That’s why Pangea offers high-quality and cheap townhome rentals across the Midwest in some of the most popular neighborhoods in Park Forest, Sauk Village and Indianapolis.

Choose from the townhome you want in the location you need. Our affordable townhomes are centered in the following locations:

Cheap Townhomes, Incredible Services

If you’re looking for affordable townhomes in Park Forest, Sauk Village or Indianapolis, Pangea can help you find the cheap townhomes that meet your budget, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Looking for a cheap townhomes under $1200 or $1100? We have them. Want to only spend $1000 or $900 on your townhome purchase? No problem. We can even help you find the perfect townhome rentals for under $800, $700, even $600—in the perfect location and with the right amenities.

No matter your price point, Pangea is dedicated to providing you with the most affordable townhome you need, but with all the services and amenities you want. All our townhomes come complete with the Pangea promise of services. Take advantage of our cost-effective townhome rentals with the following services:

Your Perfect Townhome is Ready for Move-In

No need to spend the time, money and stress of searching in vain for the perfect townhome any longer. With Pangea, you can find the affordable and comfortable townhomes that meet your family’s needs in the popular towns of Park Forest, Sauk Village and Indianapolis. When you’re looking for the perfect townhome for your family, there’s only one place to turn—Pangea Real Estate. Contact us today!