Washington Park Chicago Apartment Rentals

Taking its name from one of Chicago's largest and most historic green spaces, Washington Park is part residential neighborhood and part Chicago's backyard playground. Sitting along the west side of Washington Park proper, the neighborhood is a premier destination for families looking for comfortable, yet affordable housing in a safe and lively community.

Location and Population

Washington Park is located about six miles south of the downtown Chicago Loop and houses roughly 15,000 Chicagoans. Housing in Washington Park is bordered by the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Englewood, Bronzeville and Woodlawn and is demarcated by 51st Street to the north, MLK Jr. Drive to the east, 67th Street to the south and State Street to the west. Housing in Washington Park usually falls under either the 60609, 60621, 60615 or 60637 ZIP code.


The little neighborhood of Washington Park, and the residents which call it home, earn several benefits due to the proximity to its older, perhaps more refined sister to the east, Hyde Park. One of these benefits is the abundance of public transportation that services the area. Equally close to the Dan Ryan Expressway, the Chicago Skyway and South Lake Shore Drive, Washington Park apartment residents benefit from a number of driving options to get downtown, to the south suburbs or to Indiana. CTA bus lines also run throughout the neighborhood and service apts in Washington Park. Main routes include:

  • #29 along State Street
  • #4 along King Drive
  • #51 along 51st Street (connections at State Street and King Dr)
  • #55 along 55th Street (connections at State Street and King Dr, as well as transfer to the Garfield Red Line stop)
  • #59 along 59th Street


Residents of Washington Park apartments benefit from close connections to two major CTA El lines, the Red and Green. Major stations in the area include:

  • 47th Red Line
  • Garfield Red Line
  • 63rd Red Line
  • 47th Green Line
  • 51st Green Line
  • Garfield Green Line (connections to both Cottage Grove and Ashland branches)


Community and Living Opportunities

Most of the history and culture of the neighborhood stem from the 372-acre Washington Park, which boasts walking trails, sports fields and an extensive field house. The neighborhood and park have been made famous in a number of important literary works, not the least of which was Richard Wright's Native Son. The neighborhood is also home to a large number of registered historic monuments and buildings. Residents of Washington Park housing and apartments take full advantage of the park during the warm summer months. While the Park itself has had a long standing history tied to Chicago, the neighborhood of Washington Park has seen its ups and downs. A quickly changing demographic in the early 20th century created strife among the residents of Washington Park housing, although today the neighborhood is safer and quieter than in earlier, leaner years. These days, housing in Washington Park has come upon another golden era, as developers have poured money into the area and the once-promise of the 2016 Olympic games held in the park brought hope and the promise of change. Though the plans have been dashed, residents in the area still see great things on the horizon. The neighborhood boasts a number of quality schools for families living in Washington Park apts. These include:

  • Dyett Academic Center
  • Dulles Elementary
  • Carter Elementary
  • Burke Elementary
  • Betsy Ross Elementary


Shopping and Nightlife

Washington Park apartments, located in the neighborhood's tight community center offer a number of shopping and dining options. Many shopping options can be found along Garfield Boulevard or 59th or 63rd Streets. Nearby Hyde Park offers numerous boutique shops, bookstores and specialty stores as well. The dining options are limited, though cherished by residents living in Washington Park apartments. Some highlights are listed below, though many more options are available to residents just blocks away in Hyde Park.

  • B&B Pizza King (4 E. Garfield Blvd.)
  • Rose's Barbecue
  • Harold's Chicken Shack (307 E. Garfield Blvd.)
  • Shark's Fish and Chicken (35 E. 59th Street)



The 19th Century was the first golden era for Washington Park, with the founding of the Park itself and nearby Jackson Park (home to the World's Fair and Columbian Exposition). In the early days, titans of industry that ran the major meatpacking and industrial centers called Washington Park housing home. Today, Washington Park apartments are known as some of the most affordable quality homes on the South Side. The opportunities provided by the park itself, proximity to Lake Michigan and nearby Hyde Park, make housing in Washington Park attractive for renters with any budget. Seeking housing under 600 dollars, apartments under 800 dollars or rentals under 1000 dollars? Local property management companies have quality housing at any price range. Plus, many property management companies still accept Section 8 vouchers or have options for Section 8 housing.

More Information

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